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Fran has also contributed stories to the following collections:

  • "Earthteller Tales" a regular column in The Environmentor, a digital newsletter of the Oklahoma Association for Environmental Education, published by Oklahoma City University. The columns are reprinted HERE
  • "Orosu" Fran edited the translation of this long, poignant, romantic Japanese tale for the Spirit of Trees website.
  • "The Story of Paper Flower" in Joining In: An Anthology of Audience Participation Stories & How to Tell Them compiled by Teresa Miller, edited by Norma Livo. Yellow Moon Press, 1988.
  • "The Giant Pumpkin" and "Three Apprentices" in The Ghost & I: Scary Stories for Participatory Telling edited by Jennifer Justice. Yellow Moon Press, 1992. 
  • "Rabbit, Bobcat, and the Turkeys" in Holiday Stories All Year Round: Audience Participation Stories and More edited by Violet Teresa deBarba Miller) Libraries Unlimited 2008.
  • "Shingebiss and the North Wind" (text only) in Best Stories from the Texas Storytelling Festival edited by Finley Stewart. August House Publishers, 1995. Or read a fuller version of the story with extensive background notes and a musical notation for the chant with chordal accompaniment. 
  • "1890: The Year of the Turnip in Oklahoma" in Many Voices: True Tales From America's Past edited by Mary Weaver. National Storytelling Press, 1995 with a teacher's guide.


Some of Fran's articles about storytelling: 

NOTE: reprints of some articles are available by request.

  • "Storytelling in the Classroom: Following-Up with Bloom's Taxonomy" The National Storytelling Journal, Fall 1986, pp 12-15.
  • "The Web of Silence: Storytelling's Power to Hypnotize" The National Storytelling Journal, Spring/Summer 1988, pp 6-19. 
  • "Beg, Borrow, or Steal" editorial in Territorial Tattler spring 1989.
  • "In Celebration of Her Story (Women's History)" Storytelling Magazine Winter 1991 pp30-31.
  • "Journey into Darkness: The Story-Listening Trance" unpublished book chaper ©1993.
  • "Honesty, Respect, Compassion: strengthening character through storytelling" in Storytelling Magazine, January 1997.
  • "Leaping the Language Barrier" (with Hiroko Fujita), pp10-11 in Storytelling Magazine March/April 2000.
  • "From Folk Tale to 'Fact-Tale': Teaching Science in the Shape of a Story" pp32-34 in Storytelling Magazine, May/June 2002.
  • "Crafting Science Stories" (with story "The Demons of Mali") pp 39-41 in Storytelling Magazine, May/June 2005.