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Print out this page and mail your order to:
Fran Stallings
1406 Macklyn Lane
Bartlesville OK 74006-5419

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____ How to Fool a Cat: Japanese folktales for children @ $17

____ The Price of Three Stories: Rare Folktales from Japan @ $17

____ Stories to Play With (please try Ebay or order from publisher)

____ Folktales from the Japanese Countryside (please try Ebay or order from publisher)


____ Stories and Songs for a Green Earth @ $10
____ Cat o' Nine Tales SOLD OUT (cassettes available)
____ Traveling Tales: Volume 1 @ $10
____ Traveling Tales: Volume 2 @ $10


CASSETTES (if you still have a tape player!)

____ Cat o' Nine Tales:  FREE (send postage)

____ Crane's Gratitude: FREE (send postage)


____ Shipping: 1st item $5, each additional $2

____ Oklahoma residents please add 8.9% sales tax

____ TOTAL enclosed

Make checks payable to: Fran Stallings/Earthteller