Price of Three StoriesThe Price of Three Stories: Rare Folktales from Japan. Fifty-one stories for young adults and adults, from the repertory of traditional teller Hiroko Fujita, edited and adapted by Fran Stallings. Recipient of the Storytelling World Honor Award and the Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award.

Published by Parkhurst Brothers Publications.

"Something special always happens when Hiroko Fujita and Fran Stallings work together. This collection of unique Japanese folktales is no exception, giving readers access to a wealth of stories in danger of disappearing."  --Elizabeth Ellis, storyteller and author

“Hiroko and Fran have nailed it with this wide array of Japanese tales! This duo weaves their magic through the translation of languages and interpretative notes. All the story elements of  the seen, unseen, and the natural world are found in this  book.”  --Bobby Norfolk, story performer, author, and teaching artist

“Delightful stories chock full of cultural information, Mothers-in-Law, shape-shifting foxes, and the wisdom of Hiroko Fujita. Fran Stalling has given us a treasure.”  --Regina Ress, Storyteller, Actor, Author, Educator

“Fujita and Stallings’ collection is a delightful compendium of short, savory, and highly tellable tales embodying the beliefs and folkways of rural Japan—specifically the area most impacted by the recent tsunami and nuclear disaster. It adds immeasurably to our insight into that endangered world.”  --Joseph Sobol, Ph.D. Director, ETSU Storytelling Graduate Program