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INTERACTION: a lesson*



"The Little Rooster and the Sultan"

"Shingebiss & the North Wind"

*originally published in Autoharp Quarterly, October 1991

©1991 Fran Stallings / Prairieflower Productions, 1406 Macklyn Lane, Bartlesville OK 74006-5419

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about these stories...

"The Little Rooster and the Sultan" (1.5MB) is a Hungarian folktale popular with storytellers. My main source was Magyar Fairytales from Old Hungarian Legends(Nandor Pogany, NY: Dutton 1930.) Other versions are in Twenty Tellable Tales (Margaret Reed MacDonald, H. W. Wilson 1986) and Twenty-Two Splendid Tales to Tell Vol. I (Pleasant deSpain, Seattle: Merril Court Press 1990).

"Shingebiss & the North Wind" (2.0MB) is based on a Chippewa legend (Wisconsin Lore for Boys & Girls by Susan B. Davis: E.M. Hale 1931) I have made some changes from the traditional version, in addition to adding the music.

Both tales are public domain but my particular retellings are ©1991. I invite you to learn and tell them. Please remember where you got them and mention my name! (To record or broadcast these versions, please contact me for written permission.) ENJOY!

FRAN STALLINGS interaction lesson

Storytelling with Autoharp

Available as a cassette tape or digital download.

side one: LESSON. Fran Stallings demonstrates two stories and teaches you how to learn a story and make it your own.

side two: INTERACTION. Record your telling on this blank side. To get a critique, comments, and answers to your questions, return the tape. You will receive your personalized reply within 4 weeks.

"Fran is excellent!" "Heartwarming" "Her voice is magic." "She is totally captivating with her ability to teach through stories. I see unlimited potential for applicability."