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Environmental Storytelling

a Discussion Group of the National Storytelling Network

This group discusses the use of orally performed stories to teach people about the natural world and our ecological relationship to it. We welcome all interested people to join this Discussion Group. There is no charge; membership in NSN is not required.

This Discussion Group sponsored an Environmental Storytellers' Retreat in February 2008 in Pacific MO. The March 2009 retreat was in East Texas. The April 2010 retreat was in Yellow Springs (southwest) Ohio. All interested tellers and environmental educators are invited.

The Environmental Storytelling Discussion Group guest-edited the March/April 2007 issue of NSN's Storytelling Magazine. Contributing authors recommended so many good books and other resources, that we agreed to publish the lists on-line. Additional resources are continually being recommended by the Discussion Group.

You can also learn more about environmental storytelling, participate in our discussion, ask questions, and share ideas by joining the Environmental Storytelling list on Yahoo! Groups. List traffic is light; your computer will not be swamped by incoming posts.